5 European Countries You Should Consider For Your Degree Program

Europe has always been study destination for foreign students. The continent is famous for a high standard of education and it is home to some of the best institutions in the world. Today, we examine five European countries and what aspect of education they are famous for.

best european countries to study abroad

1. UK

The united kingdom is one of the best country to obtain a foreign degree. The universities in the united kingdom are accredited worldwide and at such this degree is accepted anywhere in the world. The united kingdom is the best place for students looking to obtain a Law, business or social science degree. The united kingdom is home to the highest number of foreign students in the world and it remains one of the best country to get a degree.


Germany is one of the oldest European countries and the German culture is famed for discipline. Learning a new language is also a great plus in the current globalized world but a lot of courses are also taught in English.
Germany is a great place to get an engineering degree as their products are known for high quality and durability.


France does not have universities with big names like Harvard or Cambridge. However, the standards are high and consistent among all universities. That is why French citizens find it hard to understand the world’s obsession with university rankings and tend to chose their school by factors like distance from their hometown and whether they like the city the university is located at. If you attend a French university, your university might not be famous worldwide but your degree will be respected as French schools are known for quality worldwide. France remains a top destination for Art degrees and quality education in fashion . The language for instruction in most French universities is French, so be prepared to take some French classes along with your program.


Danish universities, like most Scandinavian universities offer a very wide range of degree programs taught in English. Scandinavians are regarded as happy and efficient all over the world and their system and quality of education is appreciated all over the world. They also have an affordable tuition and even provide scholarships for students from both European and non-European countries alike.


Ukraine is now one of the fastest medical developing country in the world and at such is the perfect place to obtain a masters degree in the medical field, the population of Ukraine that speak English are mostly the youths as English is not yet widespread. Eastern European countries are famous for their medical degrees. Low cost of living and low tuition fees has also contributed to the rise of Ukraine as a top study destination worldwide.

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