Which Is Better: Off Campus Housing or On Campus?

Would I be better off staying off campus or on campus?

This a major dilemma many college and university students are faced with. Irrespective of the choice, many students end up regretting their decision anyway, so maybe we have been looking at this from a wrong point of view.

Firstly, we must establish one unitary fact, living in the school dormitory or living in a rented apartment both come with their respective challenges.

Now, let us examine what exactly you should expect from staying on campus or off campus.

What Is Involved In Living In The School Dormitory?


Living in the school might seem as the best option because the school will provide you with maximum security.

No Bills

Also another relative advantage living in the school has over renting an apartment is that there no bills to pay unlike the large amount of money being spent on bills by those students living in apartments.

Free Wi-Fi

Sometimes depending on the college they might also provide free internet access or maybe they had just provide the internet then you had be paying to connect to the Wi-Fi access.

Cheaper Food

Food is generally cheaper on campus than public restaurants.

Low Cost of Transportation

Staying on campus usually requires little or no cost of transportation, everything you need is available on campus.

Proximity to School Facilities

Another important advantage about living inside the school dorm is the closeness to the classrooms and lecture halls, this is important because students especially freshmen would be finding it hard to adapt to their new environment and they would need every necessary facilities to help them adapt to this strange environment especially for students in a foreign country.

Who Should Stay On Campus?

Living in the school is recommended for freshmen and final year students. The school environment helps students adapt faster and Final year students generally need to be near the school as always have to do a lot of research in the library and they need to be closer to their project (Thesis) supervisor.

What Is Involved In Renting An Apartment?

The processes involved in renting an apartment especially in a foreign country is relatively more cumbersome as this involves more paperwork due to the fact that you had need to make a contract with the housing agency.

In developed countries, housing and accommodations for students are being provided at subsidized rates to suit the needs and finances of the students.


Some students value their privacy greatly and accommodation outside school provides you with more privacy but this could also be affected by where you stay and how many flatmates you live with.


Staying off campus offers a higher level of comfort. The student has more space to buy whatever he wants to furnish the apartment, it comes with a personal TV and unlike most dorms, you get a couch.


Staying off campus offers you the freedom to do whatever you want as long as it is legal. You can live whatever lifestyle you want without having to worry about what other students might think or what the dorm manager might think, although, you still have to worry about your landlord.


Staying outside school requires you to pay light bills, water bills and any other bill required in your contract. During Winter, the use of the Water heaters and air conditioner will definitely increase your light bill.

Distance to School

The distance of an apartment to the school premises could mean either trekking to school or taking a cab to school on daily which could increase your spending on transportation.

In conclusion,

Who Should Stay On Campus?

If you are new to a country, if you want to understand the culture of the school better or if you want to interact with other students regularly, then you should stay on campus.

Who Should Stay Off Campus?

If privacy is very important to you then the hostel is probably not for you. Postgraduate students are especially advised to stay off campus.

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