7 Qualities Lecturers Appreciate In Students


Most students, especially those in college believe that they key to excellence in academics is their knowledge. It is no longer enough to rely on your knowledge to get good grades. You need to develop good relationships with other students and lecturers as well if you want to achieve overall academic excellence.

The way your papers are graded are changing; peer review system, in-class activities, in-class interaction are becoming regular terms in the academic world.

The human mind can be influenced by emotions and feelings, these feelings create room for the mind to be biased, take for instance, a student who is in the good books of a lecturer makes a mistake in an exam the lecturer may recognize this as an error and not penalize he student for it but this might not be the case for a student the lecturer is not familiar with.

Read and digest some of the qualities instructors appreciate in their students:


“Arriving late was a way of saying that your own time was more valuable than the time of the person who waited for you.” ― Karen Joy FowlerThe Jane Austen Book Club

This is a very important quality instructors appreciate in students.

Nothing says irresponsible more than a student walking in when the lecture has started. Some instructors do not even allow students into the class once lecture has commenced.

Most times one could be late for good reasons so it had be better to apologise or give an explanation but it is important to avoid making it a habit as these is the fastest way to getting on a lecturers bad side.


“Better late than never.” (Quote by – Latin Proverb)

Attend lectures, lecturers are useless without students anyway. If every student chooses the same day not to attend lectures, the lecturer would be left with an empty class.


This is another trait of great importance, lecturers tend to have a soft spot for students who are quite polite and courteous.

Lecturers do not expect good morals from students anymore, they see students as disrespectful to authority. This means good morals is easily noticed and well appreciated among instructors.


Expressing your views about a particular topic in class helps create an impression on both your lecturer and fellow students. This shows you are concentrating and not afraid to express your opinions.

The difference between preaching and teaching is the contribution of the audience. This explains why teachers love students that contribute in class.


Now this is the tricky part, emotional intelligence is quite different from the normal intellectual prowess.

This type of intelligence is generally referred to as COMMON SENSE and as you know, it is becoming increasingly less common.

Your ability to correctly observe the mood of the class will help you understand when and how to interact with the instructor and your fellow students.


Forget all those stories going round the school dormitories, good grades impresses lecturers as it means the lecturer has done a good job.

It also assures the lecturers that you are concentrating and putting a lot of effort into your academics.


Some lecturers also pay attention to the activities of their students outside of classroom, especially students disciplinary record.

Instructors dislike students with bad disciplinary record, so it is important to avoid any sort of trouble with the school authorities.

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